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Pelumbra Writing Retreats are an opportunity to concentrate on starting, re-drafting or completing a piece of writing. We offer a calm, disciplined and supportive setting for people who really want to get some writing done, and will find it conducive to do so when this is their main focus for a few days.

We do this by  

  • Providing you with a secluded location with minimal distractions, where day-to-day tasks are fully taken care of for you;

  • Expert guidance on writing and publishing. Jonathan Gosling  and other guides will be available as a reader to discuss your work as it progresses and you can talk with other participants as much – or as little – as you like;

  • Writing Retreats are organised to assist, challenge and deepen your writing.  

  • A program of writing sessions in which to make significant progress,

  • Time to take a walk in the farm or the countryside, swim, watch the sunset, soak up the atmosphere and chat to other writers.

  • Some retreats create opportunities also for reading on a specific topic - for example spirituality in a time of collapse - and are located in or close to relevant libraries.

The writing retreat is organised by Pelumbra and co hosted by a variety of experienced authors. You can find out more here.


"The experience was very well organised in your admirably low-key fashion, and worked as I had expected."

"It got me started on something I’d been putting off for a very long time, and feeling good about it."

"I would highly recommend the Lambay Island writing retreat for anyone interested in taking time out of daily life to write in good company. The hosts of this retreat are amazing, creating a safe and supportive atmosphere for the creative process. They have also managed to select a little piece of heaven on earth: excellent food, with quite some entertaining and good-humored staff, and a mesmerizing physical environment (inside and outside) where time seems to stand still. A memory that will forever remain special for me!"
 Lambay Island 2018 Participant

Upcoming Retreats

Writing Retreat on Lambay Island

12-16 September 2024


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