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Beautiful Nature

Why I matter, rekindling our love affair with Nature 
By Lorraine Spring-Taylor

Why I matter, rekindling our love affair with Nature 

Learning from Nature`s vitality to gain crucial skills in a time of unpredictable change.


This book is based on a series of workshops which explored how our physical, emotional and mental health are inextricably connected to the wisdom of Nature.

The human body is a landscape mirroring the landscape of Nature herself. It is like a love story between your inner world and the outer world.

We are not only connected to Nature, but rather embedded in her dance of interbeing.


In considering the aspects of Nature’s elements in ourselves we will see how;

The chemical magic of fresh air is connected to feelings of self-worth;

The wonder of a tree restores stillness and inspires sense of vision;

Shape-shifter water teaches strength and purpose;

The sun reflects inner fire and the love that binds us all together;

The rich soil of earth nourishes self-care and community.

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