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Jonathan Gosling


Jonathan Gosling is Emeritus Professor of Leadership Studies at the University of Exeter, having been Chair and Director of the Centre for Leadership Studies there for 12 years. Prior to that he directed the Strategic Leaders Unit at Lancaster Universtiy Management School. 


Jonathan has authored,  co-author and editor of 8 books, many book chapters and over 60 published articles, reports and presentations.  

Here are references to books in which Jonathan Gosling has had a hand.

  • Jeanrenaud, S., Jeanrenaud, J-P. & Gosling, J. (2017) Sustainable Business: A one planet approach Hoboken, NY: Wiley. Buy here

  • Jia, F., Gosling, J. and Witzel, M. (2015) Sustainable Champions:  how international companies are changing the face of business in China Sheffield: Greenleaf. Buy here

  • Jones, S. and Gosling, J. (2015) Napoleonic Leadership: A study in power London: Sage. Buy here

  • Gosling, J. and Villiers, P (eds)  (2012) Fictional Leaders: Heroes, Villains & Absent Friends London: Palgrave. Buy here

  • Gosling, J., Jones, S., Sutherland, I. and Dijkstra, J. (2012) Key Concepts in Leadership London: Sage. Buy here

  • Bolden, R. Hawkins, B., Gosling, J. and Taylor, S. (2011) Exploring Leadership: Individual, organizational and societal perspectives Oxford: OUP. Buy here

  • Marturano, A. and Gosling, J. (2007) Leadership: Key Concepts London: Routledge. Buy here

  • Gosling, J., Witzel, M. and Case, P. (eds) (2007) John Adair: Foundations of Leadership London, Palgrave. 

  •  Jones, S. and Gosling. J. (2005) Nelson’s Way: Leadership Lessons from the Great Commander  London: Nicholas Brealey. Buy here

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