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Foggy Lake

Writer's Projects

We moved to Tewkesbury when I was eight. Daddy decided that as well as being a rep for Hadrian Paints & Synflat he and Mummy could run a shop. He rented a shop with accommodation at 77 Barton Street in Tewkesbury and Fords Decorative Supplies was born.

Decorated Walls

Though there has been some writing and research about co-leadership of arts and cultural organisations, it mostly focuses on executive roles, which are often divided between artistic and operational roles.  Pippa Warin thinks it's timely to consider the benefits of sharing the role of the chair of the board and to consider the contribution this can make to our understanding of a different approach to governance and leadership in modern cultural organisations.

Modern Dance Group

Why I matter, rekindling our love affair with Nature Learning from Nature`s vitality to gain crucial skills in a time of unpredictable change.

Beautiful Nature

Mortals magically murdered generally is enough to get Filthy Henry, Ireland's first and foremost fairy detective, involved in the case. But when those murders happen on Halloween there is even more reason for him to investigate what is going on. As the walls between Realms weaken, allowing spirits to roam the land, Filthy Henry and Shelly are in a race against time to ensure All Hallows Eve goes off without a hitch. Otherwise dead mortals are going to be the least of Ireland's problems... 

Nearly Christmas.jpg

Writing is about thoughts, sometimes on the move, at other times up and down as well as sideways. At the end of its road, it might change its mind, go to the beginning or stall on the way back and forth. As dizziness sets in from the circling patterns, finally something of value and meaning emerges. Let us start. 

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