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Nearly Christmas
By Derek Power

Mortals magically murdered generally is enough to get Filthy Henry, Ireland's first and foremost fairy detective, involved in the case. But when those murders happen on Halloween there is even more reason for him to investigate what is going on. As the walls between Realms weaken, allowing spirits to roam the land, Filthy Henry and Shelly are in a race against time to ensure All Hallows Eve goes off without a hitch. Otherwise dead mortals are going to be the least of Ireland's problems...



Derek Power began writing in early 2001, mainly focusing on short stories. After winning the odd contest here and then he figured he would try and write something a little longer. A few false starts later he managed to complete his first novel, titled Filthy Henry: The Fairy Detective, in early 2013.

He currently live in Skerries, Co. Dublin, Ireland with his wife and young children.

When he isn't writing about Filthy Henry he can be found pretending to know stuff about computers, since that helps to pay the bills.

He also hates writing about himself in the third person, but these sort of things don't generally get written in the first person.



You can find out more about Derek's books here and buy them here

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